How Much Does Social Media Marketing / Management Cost?
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  • 04/01/2018
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How Much Does Social Media Marketing / Management Cost?

In previous article we already talk about Reasons Why Do You Need to Outsource A Social Media Marketing and Ongoing Management behind it. In this article I will share cost expectation for SMM Services for Small & Medium-Size Businesses.  Indeed, the cost will vary on each protect and depends on different factors. Each project are different and depend on company Social Media Goals. Let’s dive dipper in this topic.

The cost of Social Media Management is one of the most frequent questions that Social Media Management Agencies get. How much would it cost me to launch a blog, Facebook fan page or how much would a Twitter presence cost me? Still, others ask: ‘How much do you charge for social media strategy and social media audit?‘ The answer to any of those questions is not clear cut.

Therefore, in other to cut costs, many Small and Mid-Sized business (SMB’s) owners are tempted to manage their own Social Media Accounts “in-house”. But the reality is that many people who are awesome at running their core businesses, simply don’t have enough time for the learning curve that a new discipline like Social Media Management demands.

Others definitely don’t have the time to craft, upload, promote, monitor and measure the engagements on their social media sites. Then, there are those that just don’t know how to use Social Media effectively in order to draw human traffic. Still, many others are simply not comfortable with engaging with ‘strangers’ online.

So do you want to know how much it would cost you to have a Social Media expert set up and manage your Social Media Accounts or do you want to know how much a Social Media Management Agency charges to set up and manage your Social Media Marketing? You’re probably saying ‘come on guy what is the difference?’

The difference is that somebody that ‘just handles’ content postings for you on your different Social Media Platforms is different from an agency that manages your Social Media Accounts as part of your holistic marketing strategy. That is a truism that many have not appreciated nor accepted. But it is what it is.

In fact, the difference between ‘handling’ your Social Media Accounts and having a professional agency manage them is like the difference between hiring a stenographer and an executive secretary to ‘handle’ or manage your office duties. A stenographer just writes down words that someone says in shorthand. As you already know, a stenographer ‘handles’ just one job – and that job is just to transcribe. That one job is all she does.

On the other hand, an executive secretary does more than taking notes. The executive secretary does way more than a stenographer. She does so with more responsibilities and ‘power’. As you have noticed, the duties and responsibilities are uniquely different even if people mistakenly call both of them ‘secretary’.

Similarly, the differences in the kind of services a Social Media Manager is hired to do are unfortunately the biggest misconception that many people have in figuring out how much to pay for Social Media Management. For some, this misguided and inexcusable belief is that every content manager does the same thing – and that is just to post content.

With what result?

The result is that such misinformed reasoning clings to the ‘logic’ that both should be paid the same – peanuts. The ‘logic’ forgets that when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

The flawed reasoning then is, if all a Social Media Manager does is to post content using one of those pretty Social Media Management platforms, then anybody can do it. And if anybody can do it, it should not cost that much. Is that reasoning true of all Social Media Managers and Social Media Marketing?

It is true that we post an insane amount of content every day. That is just a major part of what we do. Hired Social Media Marketing Agencies craft and post tons of content on the internet every minute.

On the other hand, for Creative Professional Digital Marketing Companies, that is only one piece of the puzzle – and we admit, an important one at that.

Therefore, in order to find a Social Media Management Agency that meets your needs, you have to define what is that you want out of Social Media Marketing. Then find an agency whose niche in digital marketing meets with your goals and vision.

What Are Your Social Media Goals?

Social Media Goals

The main goals many companies want to boost their Social Media Presence set are to generate new leads, amplify brand awareness, engage with their current customers and to promote new products or services. Do you have SMART goals or a winning plan?

Effective social media agencies are using SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for:

S – Specific: Achievable goals are clear, simple and defined. The more specific the goal is, the easier it is to see what needs to be accomplished. Most of the time, just supplying answers to the five “W” questions—Who, What, Where, Why, and Which – is all it takes to help you achieve greater specificity.

M – Measurable: Can you measure your goal? How do you know when your goal has been reached? A good way to achieve this is by attaching a metric to your goal so that you can measure your progress. There are tons of metrics that can be measured in real time.

A – Achievable: A beautiful way of putting this is ‘are you realistic and reasonable’? Are you modest enough to set realistic goals with the resources that you have? Will you actually be able to achieve this goal? Make sure you’re being reasonable with your expectations.

R – Relevant: A relevant goal for our small and mid-sized businesses a goal that has the potential to impact their business objectives, vision, or values.
T – Time sensitive: A social media goal should have a deadline.
The purpose of the SMART approach is to help you avoid the pitfalls that stop people from achieving their goals.

However you slice it, you would agree with us that it costs money and time to produce effective content, post the content, monitor, engage and run marketing campaigns. Despite the costs associated with it, awesome content can amplify your online presence as well as your bottom line.

In addition, it takes great expertise and money to craft impactful comprehensive guides, amazing infographics, creative video and other types of amazing content. Like many other small and mid-sized business owners like you, you might find yourself in a situation where you are investing a lot of resources without correspondingly great results.

Other Services That Social Media Management Agencies Offer

  1. Setting up all your bios, profile and background images for all your different Social Media Platforms. In other words, crafting your branding.
  2. Crafting valuable content to meet your needs and expectations with an effective mix of relevant Social Media Marketing Strategy.
  3. Promoting your content massively and aggressively while actively engaging with your audience in order to form new relationships. Such nurtured relationships are main reasons why your target audience buys your goods and services as well as recommend them to others.
  4. An effective Social Media Marketing Agency monitors and measures all the buzz about you and your competition and takes appropriate and immediate actions.

As you can see, based on what you want to achieve, you can hire somebody to ‘handle’ your social media accounts or an agency that will take your social media marketing as part of your holistic marketing strategy and boost your sales. Some are willing to pay for such knowledge and experience.

Therefore, the cost of professionally managing your Social Media Accounts varies. It also depends on the experience level of the social media agency you hire, the size of your business, the package of services you require, and a bunch of other factors.


Do you want to implement great Social Media Marketing to your business?


Why Do Social Media Marketing Pricing Vary So Much?

Social Media Marketing Pricing Vary

The global nature of the internet is why Social Media Pricing varies from agency to agency and from one location to the other. The industry-wide cost of social media management varies from $99.00/month to $8,000.00/month.

Since there is no global standard on how to qualify to be a Social Media Management Company, any agency or a person for that matter, can claim that they are ‘experts’ or ‘gurus’ and back their claim up with any pricing that tickles their fancy

It is up to you to do your research and find out for yourself, what you consider a fair price in your social media management. Great reputable companies are transparent. That means that you get to know what you are getting for what you are willing to pay.

A good Social Media Management Pricing decision should be based on what the hired company brings to the table. For you, that means a good ROI while keeping the reputation of your brand intact.

Social Media pricing is based on many factors and should be flexible as to meet the needs of the clients and their target audience. This flexibility makes it ridiculously easy for many, especially new businesses and organizations to embrace social media marketing

By taking a closer look at the service pricing of the different social media platforms, you can make an informed social media management hiring decision. Such a decision would boost your online presence,

Since Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the leading social media platforms that most people are on, we will break down what you get when you embrace the different packages of the different social media platforms.

How Much Does It cost To Manage A Business Facebook Account?

cost To Manage A Business Facebook Account

Signing up for a Facebook business account is free. If you are a small or mid-sized business owner who is creative and blessed with plenty of royal time, you can actually ‘handle’ your own Facebook business page.  Some choose to hire a teenager who plays on Facebook all day.

That route might not cost you initially but you will definitely pay for all the unintended consequences later on. Sadly, you will not get the results you’re looking for either.

That is if the results you’re looking for include generating leads, expanding your brand, engaging with your customers or promoting your goods or services, you will need to hire a professional social media marketing agency.

An informed creative digital marketing agency spends plenty of time researching what contents people in your niche are sharing on the internet or that are trending on Facebook.

For an effective online management of your business Facebook account, some online PR agencies charge an average of $2,500 – $5,000 per month, with some going as high as $9,000.

  1. Page setup and administrative structure.
  2. Custom cover photo and profile photo.
  3. Advertising strategy.
  4. Custom landing page/Facebook app.
  5. Profile (biography, mission, etc.) SEO optimization.
  6. Vanity URL
  7. Duplicate page/location clean up.

What Is The Cost Of Managing A Twitter Account?

Cost Of Managing A Twitter Account

A Professional Social Media Marketing Agency that is armed with a laser focused strategic plan can craft useful, compelling and relevant content that would ‘wow’ your target audience. Interacting, engaging, listening and monitoring your target audience is what differentiates the great agencies from the ordinary.

If you intend to launch a twitter account complete with the setup and outsourcing the creation of content and audience interaction, many agencies charge $800 – $4,000 per month

For those with an existing Twitter account that need the expertise to skyrocket the marketing to the next level, we offer “limited coaching” to achieve the goals of our clients.  Many companies charge $1,000 – $2,500 per month.

  • Page setup and administrative structure.
  • Initial seeding of followers/accounts to follow / outreach.
  • Custom cover photo and profile photo.
  • Advertising strategy.
  • Vanity UR.L
  • Profile (biography, mission, etc.) SEO optimization.

How Much Does It Cost To Manage LinkedIn Business Account?

Cost To Manage LinkedIn Business Account

Professionally crafted LinkedIn profile and Company Pages are very important in an effective professional branding strategy. However, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do; it’s not easy to write about yourself.

Setting up a LinkedIn business page is free but unlike Facebook where almost anybody can set up your page, you need somebody who is savvy and detail-oriented to set up the company page.

LinkedIn Company Page is really three pages. (‘Home’ ‘Products’ & ‘Insights’). After the LinkedIn pages are set up, a dedicated person manages those Pages going forward. The cost of developing content to share through the page and the time needed to engage with followers and monitor followers are all factored in when calculating the cost of managing LinkedIn Pages.

A lot of businesses that have an under-performing LinkedIn profile or Company Pages are not readily found on the platform. That is why there is a whole industry that specializes in crafting LinkedIn Profile and Company Pages that get results.

In order to have a result oriented online management of your LinkedIn business pages, some online PR agencies charge an average of $3,500 – $7,500 per month, with some going as high as $9,900.

A successful social media management program will help your company reach thousands of potential new customers online and on multiple devices.
This is possible because our bespoke and result-orientated social media marketing solutions ensure that every action that we take brings you one step closer to your goals and in achieving the results you envisioned.

You see, by making our amazing and dedicated social media specialists part of your team today, you will benefit from our no risk result oriented marketing and branding solutions.

Social media enhances the sales process only if your company has a comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy and committed resources to maintain your websites. Despite what many people have come to believe, social media is not a “set it and forget it” process.

What Is A Social Media Strategy And How Much Does It Cost?

A Social Media Strategy is really the way your business plans to use social media in order to achieve its objectives or goals. It is basically a very simple statement that outlines your social media intent, goals and the measurable objectives for using social media, and the targeted results that you expect.

An effective social media strategy is a holistic plan that takes into account all the other marketing strategies that the company or organization is using to achieve its goals.

  1. For a Thorough Social Media Strategy, where you outsource of all of your content creation for all your relevant channels – $5,000 – $12,000 a month
  2. An Exhaustive Social Media Strategy, assuming outsourcing of most content creation at first, with company responsibility as project proceeds – $4,000-$9,000 a month for 4-12 months.
  3. The crafting of a Social Media Strategy, with limited coaching and assistance with execution of the strategy – $3,000 – $6,000 a month for 3-9 months.
  4. Restructuring of existing Social Media Strategy, with limited coaching and assistance with strategy – $2,500 – $6,000 a month for 3-9 months.
  5. Limited coaching on improving the execution of an existing Social Media Strategy – $2,000-$5,000 a month for 3-6 months.
  6. Social Media Strategy Audit – $2,000-$5,000.

How Much Does Social Media Audit Cost?

Social Media Audit Cost

As with other aspects of social media marketing, it is not easy it is not easy or practical to give you a standardized cost of social media audit. This is because the cost varies depending on the complexity and effort involved. As a bonus, our Social Media Marketing Agency is providing FREE SMM ANALYSIS and SMM Strategy for our clients to achieve your goals.

What Is A Social Media Audit?

A social media audit is a series of independent assessment or steps taken to optimize a business’s Social Media profiles and strategies. By being able to see what is working and what needs to be improved, a social media audit can help small and mid-sized businesses stay on top of their online presence.

This review starts with the review of the website and all the social media channels that the client is using.

We gather tons of information on the different social media channels.

As you can imagine, it is not fun for a social media marketing manager to waste precious time on social media platforms that are not producing results.

Do a deep and thorough review of all the social media channels and not just Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Did you create a Social Media account a few years back that you forgot exists? Is there an old Instagram channel floating around with just a few subscribers?

The audit also examines the Social Media Activities of your competition to compare against your company’s performance. Once the analysis is complete, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report that includes key recommendations for improving your performance.

Other Agencies offer Social Media Strategy Audit – $1,500 – $5,000

Our Social Media Management Process

The first thing we do is to consult with your company. So that we can learn about all the obstacles that you face with Social Media Management in relation to your sales process. Then we do a Social Media Audit of all your Social Media Accounts.

As you already know, this independent analysis of all your Social Media Channels helps us immensely to see what is working and what things need improvements. After that, we recommend the most suitable package that best fits your needs and budget. Then, we set the right monthly social media management program.

Additionally, we craft a unique, compelling and awesome strategic plan so as to leverage your Social Media Pages as valuable tools for your sales team. Finally, we put the plan into action by promoting you massively and ruthlessly to achieve your goals.

What You Get:

Increased human traffic to your website by using social media.

  • Real-time monitored accounts that project your company and brand in a positive way.
  • Massive engagements on your social media platforms that increase interests with your prospects.


Do you want to implement great Social Media Marketing to your business?

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