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If you’re looking to rapidly increase your website conversion rate, then you need to work with TopRankVisibility Digital Marketing Agency most experienced Conversion Rate Optimization specialists. We know what it takes to increase your conversion rate by as much as 200% in less than three months, so ask for an FREE conversion audit, strategy session and call back from a conversions expert today!

Use of an effective headline

Your headline is the first point of contact between your website and the visiting traffic. 80% of the visitors make a judgment call right after reading the headline. This accounts for a major chunk of your incoming traffic.

Communicating value

A clear and lucid value proposition communicates the purpose of your business and indicates to the visitors exactly what’s on offer. Make sure your landing page features content and information only about the concerned product or service. Mention how making a purchase is going to affect them in the positive.


Along with stating the USPs of your service, place appropriate contact information and testimonials to increase the credibility of your website. No user likes to be exposed to the fake content. Mention of accolades achieved or the affiliation with a respected external organization further increases the credibility level.

Integrate a live chat feature

Live chats provide 24X7 online support regarding everything from helping out first-time customers to maintenance support for existing users. This increases the average engagement of a prospect to your website.


Do you want to implement great Conversion Rate Optimization for your business?


Push prospects down the funnel

Subject your visitors and prospects to more middle funnel content like email marketing, social media engagement and constant website content updates concerning blog posts and answering questions posed by users. This helps to push them further down the sales funnel and entice them to make a purchase.

Focus on your source

Concentrate on your source of incoming traffic. Whether it is on your Linkedin profile or Facebook account or through search engine results, track down the source of attraction and focus on building enhanced user-engagement processes.


Redesigning the webpage layout increased the conversion rates of many eCommerce websites. Providing a fluid flow is conducive to engaging users and helping them conveniently through the purchase process. An easy to follow flow helps users find exactly what they intend to do.

CTA buttons

Changing the call-to-action buttons to RED piped up conversion rates by almost 21% in Performance. Though changing the color should not be of primary importance, it does, however, make a difference in user behavior.

Use of action verbs

Action verbs like ‘Go grab yours’ or ‘Quickly reserve yours’ drives prospects in making purchase decisions faster.


You can use Google AdWords to rank your web page higher on a standard search results page to attract additional traffic. However, ensure that the link directs the user straight to the concerned product’s landing page and not your home page. This is important because the result in Google appeared since a user was searching for a particular product and it is essential to direct them to a page holding the exact information they wish to access.

Follower Counts

Presence of a follower and subscription tab to indicate the respective counts goes a long way in generating faith among new visitors. Viewing a follower count in hundreds of thousands not only shows that your website is established but also indicates that it is well-liked by other visitors.

Stock left

If you run an eCommerce website, incorporate inventory and stock numbers. This will create a sense of urgency among visitors and they will be compelled to make a quicker purchase decision.

Use of media

Use of video content to explain your product’s capabilities as well as the company’s credibility is proven to boost conversion rates.

Create a funnel

Avoid pushing for a sale too early. The entire purpose of a sales channel is to attract prospective consumers, engage them and subject them to the product’s values and benefits to finally push for a sales decision. A premature approach to sell can drive away the prospects.


Offer your prospects with free shipping for purchases of higher amounts. Give them a free trial for first-hand user experience. This lures them into purchasing the entire deal, thus generating a higher conversion rate.

Keep your site updated

It is very important to upload fresh content to the website regularly. If you run an expert blog, consistent uploads will keep your audience and readership engaged. A keyword-intensive blog post can also be accessed from Google search results by obtaining a higher ranking.

Use of high-res photos

Using high-quality professional photos can add the visual appeal to your website that it lacks due to a plain text format.

Test, Test, Test!

Conversion optimization is the practice of bringing about changes in an existing web system or designing a new one from scratch with the objective of converting incoming traffic to sales. Your online business is set up to make money.

It really doesn’t make any sense if your venture is attracting global traffic, but cannot convert leads into hardcore sales.

The only path to successful conversion rate optimization is testing. Testing provides the validation that your business needs to course-correct its direction.

Without testing, all those optimization tips amount to nothing.

Marketers usually guess what is going wrong with their website, but, testing provides an analytical solution and insight into the factors that are truly affecting the conversion rate.

Optimization of conversion rates is a growth process. With the right concoction of effective measures, your incoming traffic could be converted into a conversion rate of more than 10%. It is highly important to monitor, track and target the right consumer-base.

You might not generate any sales even after spamming 100000 people, but you might just end up achieving a conversion rate of 2% if you target and pitch of your existing as well as a connection pool of prospective buyers. You should always have a set of variate testing occurring all the time. There is nothing like enough testing. It is an exponential growth process that provides significant knowledge at each stage regarding the performance of various factors of the webpage.

  • Is your value proposition engaging the visitors enough to lure them in exploring your website?
  • Is the product headline communicating its value effectively to customers?
  • Is the website user-flow, convenient for smooth exploration and shopping?
  • Are visitors interested in checking out the associated links to other products?

Various usability indices can indicate how well your website is performing within a specific bandwidth and analyze user behavior to gauge the quality of the UI.


Do you want to implement great Conversion Rate Optimization for your business?

Have you ever asked yourself this question: When it comes to online marketing, why do some people succeed while others are left spinning their wheels? While you may be great in sales, your website isn’t. Despite the fact that website looks really good, rarely does it bring in any leads or actual sales. Over the years I’ve noticed a pattern: successful marketers use a very specific system to achieve nearly exponential growth. And it is the Online Sales Funnel (a.k.a. lead generation funnel, relationship funnel, customer value optimization funnel or marketing funnel). We work in areas as diverse as Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, SEO friendly Web Design.

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