Something that’s really important and that is metrics. How do you measure things in Social Media Marketing and how do you identify where the successes are? We think marketers sometimes go down a dark alley is, by assuming that ROI is the right metric for everything. We don’t believe that. It’s all about matching the correct metric to the correct program.   […]

LinkedIn identifies five major pillars where businesses can share content and engage with audiences across their network. Company Page Slideshare Publishing Sponsored Content Groups The social network has invested a lot in building a platform where business professionals can read great content and share ideas. Their strategy has worked out in our favor, as marketers report […]

Your Social Media Brand Identity Matters! Are you overwhelmed by the different number of social media platforms that your audience is on? And how to get started on them? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. Happily, if you don’t already have a completed professionally looking social media presence for your business, our social […]